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Niseko assures a solid growth in tourism and investment. Its natural beauty and outdoor activities are the main attractions throughout four seasons. The ease of connection to/from Chitose International airport and friendly use of the English language in Niseko continues to attract investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Other than winter skiing, summer golfing , fishing, farming and the mild weather will provide all year endless activities for your family and friends staying in Niseko.

The LOFT Niseko is architecturally designed with a floor plan allowing for high efficiency of space and for high efficiency of energy use, these 2 attributes will assure LOFT Niseko owners of owning a great investment.

With the engagement of a premium property management company, Vacation Niseko, you are ensured a strong stable solid return.

Extensive services and efficient property management standby all thru the year, all together will impresses you a relaxing stay and infinite investment potential as an owner of LOFT Niseko.


  • Sustainable and thermal performance design by the World’s leading environmental engineers and architects
  • Energy efficient equipment and LED lighting
  • State-of-the-art HVAC systems for maximum all-season comfort and lowest running costs
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Fully insulated concrete construction
  • Low-emission double-glazed windows


  • Freehold title on premium land
  • Positioned for high yield and capital growth
  • Reduced running costs through sustainable design

Thank you,

LOFT Niseko Team