• NISEKO is not only a hot spot for tourism, but also for its highly sought after lifestyle.

    It is a location where outdoor sports, the culinary arts, local traditions and seasonal activities meet to create an unparalleled experience. World-class ski facilities, the finest locally grown natural produce, and a warm, welcoming community await travelers and new homeowners at this remarkable and very special place.

    Ranked number 2 in the world by Forbes Magazine, Niseko's 15 metres dwarfs Whistler’s annual average of 10 metres, Chamonix at 9.6 metres and Aspen with 7.6 metres. This makes for a longer and more reliable season, but more important is the quality of the snow.

    Powder skiing nirvana is achieved on champagne powder, the lightest and driest of snow. While most other destinations with heavy snowfall have maritime climates making their snow wetter and heavier, Niseko's winter climate is influenced by continental air flows, creating the light fluffy flakes that powder-hounds dream of.

    In addition, Niseko, unusually for Japan, permits off-piste skiing through a controlled gate system providing access to hundreds of acres of pure powder joy.


    Snow begins thawing rapidly on the lower areas of Niseko to awake lush green during the short spring. To enjoy the rising pleasant temperature, talk a walk to feel the fresh green and see the local farmers preparing their land for the planting is no better choice. With a number of pristine golf courses surrounded by remaining snowy mountain scenery, golf season begins.

  • summer

    Cool temperate summer time in Niseko is suitable for both sport and leisure. Biking through to explore the country side with evergreen forests and groomed flowers, hiking on the stunning Mount Yōtei to enjoy fantastic views and simply fly-fishing in the fresh waterways are some activities that sparkle in the vibrant summer.

    Golfing in Niseko is the most enjoyable compared to elsewhere in asia, it becomes a golfers paradise with many world class courses to choose from within a radius of 20kms from LOFT Niseko. Its fast becoming one of the best regions for golfing in asia, known for the well manicured fairways/greens and by comparison the most reasonably priced green fees. Combined with the cool summer climate and lush green courses certainly makes a fantastic golfing experience at all times. Kids have plenty of activites during summer, there's the farming experience of milking cows, horse riding, fruit/vegetable picking and for the action thrill seekers there's the PURE Action and Hanazono fun park, both of these provide action packed fun activities designed for kids like chutes on its slope so guests can experience waterless tubing.

  • autumn

    A special time around late September, autumn brings bright orange and fiery red foliage everywhere. Autumn in Niseko is gorgeous and ravishing but its a limited time. During this brief orange foliage period its best to stroll in the countryside or get a mountain bike up the mountain summit, these are the best ways to see the picturesque scenery. This beautiful quiet autumn prepares Niseko for a nice exciting start of winter.

  • winter

    Renowned for its drier, lighter, fluffier champagne powder snow, Niseko turns into a white paradise. The unique weather conditions provide long winter in Niseko lasting from November to late April with consistently more than 15 meters of snow per year, making Niseko a leading ski playground and the second most snowy ski resort in the world. Spending an enjoyable Niseko day skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling in powder snow is a pure joy.


    Niseko ranked number two in the world by Forbes Magazine for powder snow, enjoys a 15 meter deep snow, while Whistler averages 10 meter and Chamonix 9.6 meter. Powder skiing is achieved by the lightest and driest of snow. Niseko's winter climate is influenced by continental air flows, creating light fluffy flakes which provides the best place to ski in Asia.